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As a start-up, medium-sized or large company, do you want legal advice that focuses on solutions? Does your organization have an ambitious agenda? Then an ordinary law firm will not suffice. Go for a legal partner who gets straight to the point.

Extra expertise, comprehensive support. 

Law firms Spectrum Legal and LegalDirect join forces. One team of expert lawyers with two fully-fledged offices in Brussels and Leuven, twice as much knowledge and experience. With combined forces and retaining both locations, we will continue to work under one name: LegalDirect. This way, we guarantee an excellent service to provide our clients with legal advice and optimize their business. From corporate law to privacy law, both preventively and after a dispute has arisen.

Decisive law firm

for legal support: 

Pragmatic, proactive and your business as our priority - that's what we stand for

Involvement and commitment

If you engage LegalDirect, you can count on a dedicated team of lawyers to provide legal support to your company. Dedication is the spearhead here. We work in tandem with the customer to achieve the goals that your company sets. Decisive and well thought out: that's how we roll.

Analyzing. Accelerating. Excelling.

Excelling in sector expertise, LegalDirect serves not just as your legal sparring partner; we also possess deep insights into your industry. We combine knowledge with experience and thus move up a level. Always with the best solution for your business in mind.

Innovative and tech-driven

LegalDirect, a traditional law firm? Nothing could be further from the truth. As lawyers, we also follow innovations closely. New software, ever smarter AI tools, the latest tech trends, ... This is how we provide your company with a legal foothold in a rapidly evolving context.

Flexible in our approach. Transparent in our communication.

Efficiency is one of the core values of our law firm. What characterizes us? A fast start, realistic assessment, and accurate follow-up of your case. We listen attentively, analyze your case to the bone and provide legal advice in plain language.

"LegalDirect's approach is dynamic, pragmatic and punctual. I see them as a creative problem solver. Our collaboration has developed a relationship of trust that certainly translates into their efforts and commitment to our organization."


"By outsourcing our legal issues to LegalDirect, we get the required follow-up and continuity in service. And certainly the flexibility that we need as a company today."

De Meeuw

"LegalDirect not only has in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, but also looks for details and approaches: that really gives confidence. It is about full immersion in files, always within a short period of time."


"LegalDirect's approach is distinguished by its flexibility. I can trust that prompt action will be taken, regardless of the demand or amount of work, tailored to the needs of my company. This also translates into a cost-efficient approach."


"We have not consulted any other legal advisor since the start of our collaboration. Our experience is that LegalDirect has a very pragmatic approach to the files: structured, creative and, above all, delivered on time."

Uniglobe Belux

"Our legal team worked with LegalDirect on disputes for which we did not have the necessary in-house expertise. They were very clear and proactive in their communication and helped with seamless collaboration with the in-house team. Extremely reliable and strong performance under time pressure."




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Law. To the point.


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